Windows and Doors Renovation

We provide San Diego with windows and door remodel. Maybe it is to get a new look, be more energy efficient or doing a new build; we got your back.

We at Freedom Renovation are always looking how to have our clients save money, especially in the long run. We can help you save money on your energy bill and increase the value of your home by installing affordable windows and doors.

We do all kinds of glaze, so if windows and doors is not what your looking for, we can pick out that perfect glaze that fits into your sun room, green house, or custom fixtures. choose from a wide array of style, efficiency and functionality for your home, apartment, or condominium.


We live in a very sunny and warm area. We want to make sure that you stay cool inside your home without leaking the cold air out and easing the use of your A/C. Besides being energy efficient and great looking, new windows provide great upgrade in functionality. Making them easier to clean, pop an air vent or just having them wide open. We can install window arches, skylights, bay windows, bow windows, egress windows, jalousie windows, picture windows and many more. We will help you pick the right window for you and your house.


Doors are often overlooked when remodeling or building a home. You can have a nice standard door to do its job, or you can get a full metal door to prevent anyone breaking it. Maybe you desire a beautiful door, or and interesting one that will pivot to catch the eyes of your guests. Bi folding doors into the backyard to enjoy those cool evening have been a popular request recently. Whatever the door we will get you that desired door looking stylish and be energy efficient as well.

Make a beautiful home

It has never been easier to renovating a new or old home