Flooring Remodel

We are a San Diego flooring remodeling contractor. Selecting the right floor is important part in renovating a home. Together we can choose the the right floor for the rooms and get the look you want.

We specialize installing all types types of flooring for your home or business. We have hardwood, engineered wood, laminate, tiles, stone, vinyl, mosaic, and porcelain tiles. You can come into our showroom to check out the differences first hand and ask us as many questions as you like. After-all selecting the right floor is important part of any home renovation, be it for the kitchen, bathroom, living room, or a meeting room.
Flooring is the first thing see and step on; Does it look good, will it last, will water damage it, I have kids will it survive them? We can answer all those questions and pick the floor thats suites your situation best.

We pride ourselves on quality craftsmanship from beginning to end. We will guide you through the entire installation process and let you know what is going to happening and how long it will take. We then will explain the basic care and maintenance afterwards, to make sure your floor are treated right, to have looking good and become truly lifeproof flooring.

We offer friendly and knowledage staff that will help you through your renovation.

Hardwood Floor

Freedom Renovation knows hardwood floor is a big investment. It will add a lot of value and style to your home or business. There is wide variety of wood species you can choose from that are from different parts of the world. Hardwood can last for 100s of years if properly taken care of. The wood is low maintenance, and can be refinished to update look or to get rid of the wear and tear of the top protective layer. Hardwood floors take to set up and incubate, but look timeless;  they will definitely increase the value of your home.

Engineered Wood Floor

Engineered Wood differentiates itself from solid hardwood by having a thick wood veneer on top. Therefore engineered wood can absorb more moisture and does not expand or contract as its solid counterpart. Their installation processes is comparable to laminate or vinyl flooring, which is quick and clean looking. It can also be refinished just like solid wood a number of times depending on the thickness of the veneer. It is definitly a good choice for floor.

Laminate Floor

Bathroom vanity is definitely the center of attention here. Are you going for a minimalist look for guest, or a personalized look for comfort and for storage of you accessories. We can do any combination of vanity mirror, sink, makeup and lights. Did you find an IKEA vanity and wondering if that will work; well it will and we will make it look even better. Desire to warm you mirror to make them fog-less, we will do it.

Vinyl Floor

Vinyl plank flooring has many more advantages over laminate. While still just as affordable, it has a thicker layer up top that increases it’s durability. Vinyl waterproofing is superior to laminate; if the water happens to penetrate between the planks the rubber cement in vinyl wont be damaged unlike the recycled wood in laminate. One can say Vinyl is lifeproof. Whatever the choice, your home will look beautiful and unique.

Tile and Stone

Tiles are durable, stain resistant, do not get damaged by a water spill and can be slip resistant. They are good in kitchens and bathrooms for that very reason. We have tiles that mimic natural wood, which have been very popular as of late. Tiles can provide a very unique look and feel just from the choice of stone. We have ceramic tile, porcelain tile, marble, travertine tile, metal tile, glass tile and of course stone. Let us help you make your house look Roman villa!


We our knowledgeable staff that can help you choose the right material for your renovation and lifestyle.  Freedom has selected vendors that have quality products that we have tested ourselves. So do not be afraid to ask us questions about the material you are thinking about.

Make a beautiful hom

It has never been easier to renovating a new or old home