Emergency Plumbing and Electrical Services

We are a San Diego General contractor. We offer emergency plumbing and electrical services to our communitis. And we are opening business during COVID-19 Response under essential workforce section. We are providing 24/7 emergency plumbing and electrical services to maintainning the safety of residences. Contact Freedom Renovation.

FAQ for emergency-plumbing-eletricity-services

Emergency Plumbing Services

San Diegan offen asks how long or how quickly can you get here? When it comes to a professional general contractor, we usully send our specialist ASAP. We are servicing San Diego county area for years, we are also 24/7.

This is an important question to ask, what should I do while I am waiting for emergency plumbing or eletrical services. Once you describes the problem on the phone to Freedom Renovation personel. The personel should let you know if you need to turn off any breakers or call city of san diego to turn off the water suppy to your house. 

Emergency Electrical Services

-When you smell burning plastic, acrid smells or smoke.

-When you hear loud humming sound from breaker box.

-When you turn you appliances on causes electrical shut off or faulted.

-When your outlets or switches are sparking.

-When you see exposed or damaged wiring.

No, the answer is a straight no. Since Freedom Renovation Emergency Eletricity Service is 24/7, we will send our specilist in ASAP. We are here to serve you in San Diego. 

  • First make sure everyone is safe
  • Call 911 if someone is hurted
  • Vacate the property if you are unable to shut off the electricity safely

You must make sure you and your fmilies members are safe and away from any dangerouse electrical currents. The residents in the house should leave the house if you are unable to shut off the electricity safely. 

Emergency Plumbing Services

Freedom Renovation is alwasy there for our San Diego communities for emergency plumbing and electrical services. We are open phone call on 24/7 to offer these services. Especially at States of Emergency Response, we are open for emergency services need. 

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