About Us

Freedom Renovation

Freedom Renovation Inc. is locally owned, the team of specialists are well trained. Freedom Renovation’s specialists have been serving San Diego County for more than 15 years. In addition, they have renovated and repaired more than 1500 houses in both San Diego County and Los Angeles County combines. Most of Freedom Renovation’s remodel works are referred by our present communities residential and commercial customers, as well as friends and relatives. Our quality effort will deliver a supreme level of satisfaction and happiness. At Freedom Renovation we believe in using the best superiority materials and the best craftsmen for your remodeling needs. Whole house remodeling, room additions, kitchens renovates, outdoor living and bathrooms remodeling. Freedom Renovation will bring peace of mind and ease to the remodeling procedure.

Community Contributions

We love our community and we want to make it better. We support local non-profits in our area, like Rady Children Hospital. We also recycle our materials from our projects with Habitat for Humanity. We are always to new opportunities to help our community and partner with non profits.

Our Mission

we love San Diego, and we are parts of San Digan. Together we can build a bettwe community.

process you want

Effective. Understanding.

We at Freedom Renovation focus on attention to detail, maintaining deadlines and respecting your budget. Whether you are looking to build a custom deck, remodeling a kitchen or remodeling a bathroom, or adding a room or second story to your existing home, Freedom Renovation is committed to honesty and integrity in the building industry. We believe in open communication, trust and authenticity with our clients. We want you to be happy in your home, and we know any small thing can be a big thing for you, so let us be your partner.

Make a beautiful Home

It has never been easier to renovating a new or old home

Kitchen Remodeling for area.